Author Guidelines

Please prepare your manuscript following the instructions for authors given below before submitting it online at below. Basically, the JoB&E journal follows the author guidelines attached in here. 

Manuscripts submitted for publication in JoB&E should be between 2,500 and 8,000 words or between 6 and 20 pages long when typed in single spacing including tables and figures. The abstract should maintain a maximum of 250 words. For publication, the similarity index must be less than 30%.


Title: The title must represent the content and has never been mentioned in other journals.

Abstract: In this part, authors must provide a summary of the article in providing the research problem, research objective, methodology, and result of the research. Abstract should contain no more than 200 words. At the maximum of four keywords, they have to be relevant with the article. 

Introduction: In the introduction part, authors must carefully review the literature and provide the reason(s) as to why this research is needed. Authors must also clearly state the novelty of the paper in this part and specify the differences between this work and previously published works. 

Literature Review: In this part, authors should explain clearly and concisely the results of the study of the theories derived from the effects of literature studies related to research problems (explain about all the variables used in your study one by one).  

Research Methodology: Here, authors need to provide comprehensive details to allow the paper to be reproduced. Methods already published need to be indicated by a reference: only relevant modifications must be described.

Results and Discussion: Results need to be completely clear while valid and reasonable data are presented and explained in detail. If the author(s) proposes a new method against the other existing method, a fair comparison between the new results and the old ones would be useful. The “Discussion” part must explain the significance of results of the work. Prevent extensive citations and discussion of published literature. Tables and figures should be useful in the explanation.

Conclusions: The main conclusions of the work should be presented by providing summary of main findings. Authors are encouraged to provide research contribution and its implications (theoretical and managerial), research limitation, and avenues for future research.

References: Authors must provide relevant references with at least 70% from journal publications (preferrably with DOI information). 

Appendices: If the work contains more than one appendix, identify them as Appendix A, Appendix B, etc.